Drug2Ways 0.0.9 Documentation

Drug2ways supports generic network formats such as JSON, CSV, GraphML, or GML. Check out drug2ways’s documentation here. Ideally, the network should contain three different types of nodes representing drugs, proteins, and indications/phenotypes. The hypothesis underlying this software is that by reasoning over a multitude of possible paths between a given drug and indication, the drug regulates the indication in the direction of the signs of the most frequently occurring paths (i.e., majority rule). In other words, we assume that a drug has a greater likelihood of interacting with its target, and its target with intermediate nodes, to modulate a pathological phenotype as the number of possible paths connecting a drug to the phenotype increases. Based on this hypothesis, this software can be applied for different applications outlined in the next section.

Installation is as easy as getting the code from PyPI with python3 -m pip install drug2ways. See the installation documentation.

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Drug2Ways is a scientific software that has been developed in an academic capacity, and thus comes with no warranty or guarantee of maintenance, support, or back-up of data.